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About “Aim Higher” - An innovative initiative from Awesome Firms to :-

a) Identify & guide ambitious & capable students with excellence potential for exceptional Management careers either immediately after Graduation or after Higher Studies.

b) Build a talent pipeline of exceptional students interested in potential Permanent roles / Internships with us.

Current Scenario :- 

Student Issues :-  In India, ~16 Lakh Engineers graduate in a year, with an estimated < 0.5 % getting meaningful, high quality, ambition & interest aligned, potentially fast track careers across organizations of varying sizes in various industries.

This ratio is worse in other streams of education.

Best in class students & many of the brightest minds at several premier colleges in India are increasingly attracted to various exciting management career opportunities that are emerging in a vibrant India. The single largest chunk of CAT/XAT aspirants, for instance, are Engineers (With/Without experience) 

Despite this, unfortunately, for various reasons, several bright students are still not aware of :-

a) Lucrative career opportunities beyond “IT” & “Core” companies.
b) The approach to develop themselves to be able to tap into these exciting options.

Problems Colleges face because of this :-  

a) Colleges missing out on new high quality, placement streams - Eg. Management Careers in Startups - Especially when :-

i) The IT Services industry is maturing (Don’t expect huge numbers any more) &
ii) The Indian startup industry is growing much faster than the conventional industries ("Core" Industries, IT Services etc)

b) Colleges missing out on opportunity to strengthen their “Brand Equity” – When ambitious students are helped to become world-class by giving them excellent exposure & access to unique opportunities, the college “Brand” automatically strengthens.

c) Colleges missing out on opportunity to differentiate themselves.

“Aim Higher” – An innovative, pro-bono initiative from Awesome Firms

Our Belief :- Awesome Firms believes that expert guidance provided :-

a) At a quality level that is several orders of magnitude higher than what students currently are able to access at the finest colleges in India currently ( Including IIT's, NIT's, BITS-Pilani etc)

b) To deserving students with the requisite ambition, energy, capability to achieve & the disciplined willingness to work hard, can go a long way in helping them accelerate their success.

Aim :-  An innovative & currently unique attempt from Awesome Firms to identify best in class students, who in our opinion :-

a) Demonstrate significant general managerial potential & 

b) With the right guidance & support, would be delighted to work hard towards strengthening & unleashing their potential to achieve greater heights, faster.  

Target Campuses & Academic Backgrounds :-  Current focus is on deepening our relationship with our existing campus talent partners at Chennai. (Select Engineering Universities/Colleges in Chennai)

However, this is a tentative plan & depending on multiple factors, we may/may not conduct this event at all of these colleges & Awesome Firms may also add other reputed Universities / Colleges to participate in this event, based on multiple parameters.

Target Participant Profile :- Students with one/more of the traits mentioned below are invited to participate in our selection process :-

- Ambitious - Wanting to make it big in life & willing to work really hard to achieve excellence.

- Top Tier CAT/XAT/GMAT aspirants. 

- Students with demonstrated excellence across school & college across Academics and/or Extra-curriculars and/or Co-Curricular credentials.

- Students who have held significant positions of responsibility at School and/or College (School Captains/Prefects, Student Cabinet/Council Members, Placement Committee Members,  High quality student club leaders, Major event/conference Organizers etc.) 

- Students passionate about Entrepreneurship as a career choice or active participants/leaders of Entrepreneurship Development
Cells/Network’s etc.

- Exceptional students passionate about careers beyond  Technology, Core Engineering,IT Services companies, Banks etc. Typically students who are looking to identify & tap into enriching General/Business Management roles & careers.

- Students who enjoy reading business magazines, analyzing businesses, major business/world events & are fascinated by the world of Management at large.

- Students who benchmark themselves against the very best in the country on these parameters & are willing to prove their capability.

- Best in Class students who possess the mental endurance & stamina to participate in an intellectually rigorous assessment process.

Awesome Firms extends a special invitation to students :-

- Who think they have the Values, Intellectual caliber & Leadership skills to become a highly respected business manager (IIM/XLRI/Top 50 Global B-School quality) of the future. & 

- Who are enthralled by world class Business Leaders, Businesses & Startups.

- Who are passionate about architecting their career in the fascinating World of Management.

Eligibility Criteria :-  Any Year student of these colleges from any department/ specialization (For the On Campus event) confident of clearing our robust & rigorous selection process.

 Selection Process :-  This would possibly be the most intense selection process students would have participated in their life so far with the following process of selection :-

a) Registrants will have to complete a detailed online assessment form, via the link below on the basis of which they would shortlisted. 

b) Shortlisted applicants would be evaluated on the basis of the following rounds. :-

i) Written Business Quiz for about 20 minutes.

ii) Presentation round – Participants would be asked to :
-  Present responses to specific queries &
- Analyze an Industry or an Organization & be quizzed on the same.

iii) May also have a Case Study round with a Group Interview Format.

iv) Personal Interview round.

v) Finally selected students eligible for receiving expert guidance & a smaller subset from this will be offered a potential internship with us, at a suitable time.

Benefits to finally selected students :-

- Assessment of your latent/budding managerial skills by an expert from a super-specialist firm.

- Potential opportunity to be engaged, groomed & mentored by senior IIM Alumni & seasoned business managers.

- An opportunity to work with senior IIM Alumni & Intern in an exceptionally enriching, high profile management role with a good stipend.

- This knowledge & experience will distinctively differentiate the candidate’s profile if the candidate is aiming to join a Premier B-School ( IM's/XLRI/Other Premier B-School in India/Internationally) in the future.

- Best in class interns could get a Pre Placement Interview/Offer from Awesome Firms.

Kindly apply by completing the Application Form below.


Students shortlisted from this round will receive a detailed note on the preparation required for the next stage(s) of our selection process.

Thanks for your time & attention ! Our best wishes to you !

Team - Awesome Firms.

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