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Working With Us

Awesome Firms is a by invitation only, unique membership network of exceptional Senior Management, Executive & Board level Leaders in entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial settings, passionate about Innovation led leadership.

Over 80% of our members have consistently demonstrated Top Quartile and/or Outperformance (Top 5%) functionally / geographically / organizationally leading some of the world's most innovative :-

i) F2000 / Equivalent sized / Highly respected firms &
ii) Growth / Later stage Startup Ventures. (Typically Series C & Beyond)

primarily at the following levels :-

Organizational Level Annual Gross Compensation Levels
(AGC Levels)
Senior Management Directors (Not a Board member),VP,SVP,EVP,GVP,
Executives MD / Senior MD's, Senior / Managing Partner, President,
Chief Execution Officer, Group Executive Officers, CEO,
Group Executive Officers,Chairman,Vice-Chairman,Board Member
Senior Executives / Board

spread primarily across Asia & Oceania.

We are at a very interesting stage of executing our ambitious vision & strongly believe that our success, to a great extent, will be a function of the quality of talent we attract.

Given the nature of our work, we require colleagues who :-

a) Are a rare blend of ambition with values (Especially Integrity & Perseverance)  
b) Show a very high level of sincerity & commitment to execute their assigned task.
c) Are fast learners, who enjoy learning swiftly about Businesses, Organizations (Including various departments, roles, organizational structures, compensation models, etc), Industry Trends, Leadership Development, Innovation etc, most of which may be totally new.
d) Are super-excited reviewing the career paths & Executive profiles of ambitious high performers & industry fast trackers, across various industries, roles & functions.
e) Are willing to work really hard & do what it takes to get things done, on time.
f) Have the energy & enthusiasm to be able to manage high expectations & deliver results consistently.
g) Are perfectionists who hate mediocrity.
h) Preferably have consistently good Academic, Extra-curricular & Co-Curricular accomplishments while at School & College.
i) Are passionate about entrepreneurship & cherish the opportunity to be a part of a highly innovative, early stage startup, run by a seasoned entrepreneur.

It would be very valuable if you have one/more of the following traits :-

a) Have faced extreme difficulties in life & despite these, have achieved significantly showing resilience & rising up each time - Taking life "Head-On".
b) Have  been an entrepreneur / worked in an early stage, bootstrapped startup, amongst its first 10 employees & have seen the startup fail/pivot/succeed. 

Benefits of working with us :-

a) A unique, potentially unrivalled opportunity to learn extensively about Industries, Organizations, Compensation Structures, Business Models, Executive career paths, Industry Trends & best practices, Leadership Development, Innovation across various industries etc.

b) An amazing opportunity to be a part of an early stage startup at a very interesting phase of its growth, with significant upside performance potential to provide rapid career, role & compensation growth, when successful.

c) An opportunity to work closely with a seasoned IIM Alumnus & a serial entrepreneur in a small, high quality team, while learning first hand about building an early stage startup, extensively leveraging frugal innovation. 

d) Also a very valuable experience to :-

i) Gain Entrepreneurial / Intrapreneurial skills, if you are aiming to launch your own venture one day.
ii) Differentiate your candidacy if aiming for admissions into top Business schools worldwide. (Including the IIM's, XLRI, SPJIMR, etc in India)

If the traits described above reflect your real persona & you are very keen on building a great career with us, we are delighted to invite you to apply for any ONE of the following roles :-

a)  Business Operations Team - Trainee (Permanent Position) / Intern (Internship)

Location :- Chennai, India.

Job Description :- Executing our vision with focus on operations excellence.The role involves :-

i) Research, Collection & Validation of Business/Organization/Industry/ Executive Information.
ii) Identifying ambitious high performers & industry fast trackers.
iii) Maintaining & Updating our CRM database.
iv) Run email  & digital marketing campaigns.
v)  Do whatever else it takes to get a good quality job done, on time.

b)  General Management Team - Trainee (Permanent Position) / Intern (Internship)

Location :- Chennai, India.

Job Description :-  The role involves ALL of what the Business Operations Team role described above does. Additionally, also involves :-

i)   Interacting with our clients & industry executives.
ii) Identifying & managing potential clients, partners & industry alliances.
iii) Evangelizing Awesome Firms through targeted  channels.
iv) Contribute strategically to our growth hacking initiatives.
v)   Do whatever else it takes to help us rapidly grow & scale for success.

Both these positions are currently open & we are actively looking to hire for the same.

Kindly apply by completing the Application Form below.


Win a potential Internship with us :-
 If you are a highly ambitious, exceptionally good, Under Graduate student passionate about the world of Startups/Business, keen on building an enriching Management career & can meet/exceed our high bar, you stand a chance to win an exceptional internship with us, with the possibility of a Pre Placement Offer. If interested, we invite you to review our "Aim Higher" Initiative .

If your profile matches what we are looking for, we promise to respond by email / call within 2 business days of receiving your completed application form & after deeper evaluation, if there is a mutual fit, to potentially having you in our team, soon .

Thanks for your time & attention ! Our best wishes to you !

Team - Awesome Firms.

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