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Friday, 8th March 2019 | Singapore

About The Summit

Awesome Firms' Consumer Executive Summit - Singapore, is a member-only, annual, one day, premier Executive event bringing together best in class intrapreneurial & entrepreneurial Consumer business leaders at the Senior Management & Executive Levels in Asia & Oceania, passionate about innovation led leadership,to :-

a) Broaden & deepen their leadership foundations by :-

- Learning from their finest peers,game changers & thought-leaders on best/next practices & trends,
- Un-learning & Re-learning approaches to strategic thinking & execution,
- Reciprocally contributing insights,tacit knowledge gained via multi-decade experiential journeys & learnings therein


b) Strengthen their executive relationships & reputation capital by :-

- Meaningfully Networking to build relationships & forge partnerships that matter,
- Strategically Contributing to the innovation dialogue, creating a better future for businesses & the society at large.

Event Attendees

Awesome Firms' Consumer Executive Forum members represent :-

a) Country / Multi-Country / Regional / Global Divisional / Global / Group - CXO's amongst the Top 100 at National / Higher levels,

b) High Potential(Hi-Po) Senior Management level leaders with an impressive track record of excellence, expected to transition to a CXO / equivalent statured General Management role within the next three years, across one/more of the function(s) in the industry(ies) detailed below


c) Top Tier Consulting leaders (Typically Senior Partner/Higher level) & other Specialists/Experts,

across one/more of the following function(s) :-

StrategyCorporate DevelopmentMarketingInnovationGeneral ManagementExecutive OfficeNew InitiativesBusiness DevelopmentProduct ManagementProduct MarketingSupply ChainOperationsConsulting

in the industry(ies) detailed below :-

FMCGRetailConsumer InternetE-CommerceConsumer ProductsConsumer ServicesConsumer TelecomDigital Media & OTTConsulting

leading some of the most respected, highly innovative and/or the largest businesses active in Asia & Oceania, primarily at the following levels (Indicative Only - Varies based on Industry, Geography, Role, Market factors etc) :-

Organizational Level Annual Gross Compensation
(in US $)
Senior Management $ 250K - $1 MM
Executives $1 MM - S5 MM

Event Focus & Differentiation

The "Experience" of premier executive events worldwide are primarily assessed on the following parameters :-

a) Speaker Stature & the quality of content delivered.
b) Audience quality (Current level of knowledge) & Curation.
c) Strategic importance of content to the audience.
d) The difficulty of finding the content elsewhere.
e) The "Long Term Value Relationship Potential" of the learning executive network.

On all these parameters Awesome Firms' Executive summits are designed to be world-class,significantly superior to over 99% of Conferences, Learning programs & Networking events in Asia.This is facilitated by our Data, Research & Innovation led program construct detailed below.

Our program construct is designed to help our members :-

a) Expertly address contemporary, strategic business challenges they face in the areas of Innovation, Strategy & Leadership, offering significant upside opportunity potential to evolve their function(s), organization(s) & themselves to the next level(s).

b) Gain experiential, strategic insights,from best in class peers & Mentor level executives, harnessing tacit knowledge, nuanced, practical understanding of business & executive challenges , encompassing multiple areas leadership development research deems to be critical determinants of executive success & progression.

c) Gain hard to access Collective Business / Market Intelligence on Innovation ,Strategy & Leadership serving as a crucial input in developing actionable, Strategic Planning / Innovation Development / Execution plans to advance their Function(s) and / or Organization(s) into the future.

d) Develop/Strengthen their "Innovation Mindset" increasing their ability to Spot & Capitalize on new opportunities,by identifying new sources of value creation & capture across current / new Products, Services & Markets the way the finest game changers & innovation exemplars do, while constantly seeking disruptive insights with the potential to shape breakthrough opportunities that can deliver industry leading/market disrupting growth & success.

e) Help them architect / re-inforce an "Innovation Culture" across their function(s)/organization(s) distilling event learnings.

f) Capitalize on our member network to foster collaborative partnerships with best in class innovator partners to successfully accelerate execution of the Corporate Innovation Agenda.

g) Maximize real, deep & meaningful executive relationship & partnership building potential by harmoniously blending:-
i) "Bar-raising" curation,
ii) Event attendee focus to peer +/- One Organization level(s),
iii) Pan-Asia geographic member spread,
iv) Organizational & Participant Diversity - Intrapreneurial & Entrepreneurial settings, Largest and/or Most innovative and/or most respected.
v) Leaders mentally aligned on & passionate about "innovation led leadership" & being at the forefront of the future,

overall creating an ultra-exclusive, sui-generis, extremely valuable pan-Asia executive network, clustered meaningfully by industry / function and complemented by influential ecosystem /network effects.

When used well, over time, this can significantly enrich our members' personal executive brand, helping them gain priceless knowledge & trusted relationships that many times are the differentiator between executive failure / success & good / great leadership.

Event Format

a) Succinct & Content rich interactive sessions & Keynotes delivered first-hand, by the finest Board/Executive Level Industry practitioners & Thought leaders,in an intensive, hands-on, immersive, learning experience.

b) Ample time for meaningful, focussed networking amongst a pre-screened member only audience.

c) Facilitated Networking (Based on your membership tier)

Executive Agenda

a) Reinventing Consumer Businesses for the Innovation Economy 4.0 - Experiences from leaders in organizations :-
- Setting the agenda for the future of their industries- Re-imagining brand propositions.  
- Transforming Customer Experiences.
- Perspectives from Executives, Market Disrupting Entrepreneurs/Innovators & Specialist Investors.

Inside stories of experiential journeys in Innovation & Strategy at some of the largest Consumer organizations in the world, that innovate like startups & from some of the most innovative global consumer startups in Asia.

b) Building an Amazon Strategy - Fighting against Amazon , if it wants your lunch.

c) White space opportunities in existing & sunrise industries - Perspectives from FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce & Consumer Internet Industry leaders & Market Disruptors.

d) Global Shared Service Centres to Reverse Innovation Centres - Successfully moving up the value Chain - Examples from APAC.

e) Evolving Roles & Executive Role Convergence in Consumer Businesses - Interesting trends.

f) Build a personal Executive brand - Transcending Organizational & Academic pedigree - Learning from Experience.

Speaker Leaders

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Venue - Singapore

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Event Attendance requires Awesome Firms CXO Forum / Higher level membership.
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For Sponsor Partners

Our Learning leaders represent the finest Executive audience demographic of decision makers with influential spending power, truly passionate about Innovation & its upside potential, offering our brand partners a unique engagement channel.

Our exceptionally high bar on Executive relevance & quality of content presented at our Conferences requires that we be equally rigorous in our potential Sponsor identification & partnership approach, resulting in more selective but deeper, longer term partnerships.

This also helps us co-craft innovative programs aligned to your goals & designed to maximize ROI, while enabling value creation for our Learning leaders / their organizations.

If your organization has the expertise (Products or Services) that will benefit the world's most innovative Senior Management / Executive / Board level leaders & are keen to explore promoting the same at our events, we invite you to connect with us by submitting your details in the "Sponsor" link below.

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