1) Why should I attend Awesome Firms' Executive events when I already attend multiple reputed conferences every year ? ▼
Our Approach
Resultant  Member Benefits
By Invitation Only, Authenticated Membership + Member Only events
High Quality, Curated Conference Audience
High Admission bar for Membership
Attracts the finest, building an inherently credible network with ruboff effects
Member built case for event attendance, including self-sponsorship if their organization refuses to sponsor.
Committed members, clear about why they are attending resulting in a highly
engaged, valuable community
Curated by Organizational Stature, Industries & Functions
Very valuable  professional network at Peer +/- 2 levels (Max)

Pan-Asia Executive network
High Quality, Curated Conference Audience
International professional network of peers & mentor reference groups
Fresh perspectives
Bringing together the finest Innovators in Intrapreneurial &
Entrepreneurial Settings
Cross-Pollination of Thought between
the finest minds - Can create interesting business opportunities including pioneering white space options
Small Audience Size
Deeper networking & learning potential
Content Focus on relevance to an Executive level audience
Valuable Learning to solve current/expected strategic challenges
Industry & Functionally relevant, cutting edge Content
Valuable Learning to solve current/expected strategic challenges
No Vendor Sales Pitches
Primary focus on your learning not someone else's sales
Focus on Failures & Learning from
Experiential journeys & specialist research of your finest peers/mentor level
Executives & Thought Leaders
Focus on solving your real / potential "pains"  -
Not on PR sanitized messaging
Distilled learning via candid discussions with leaders you may otherwise be unable to access
Opportunities to enhance your Reputation Capital
Stronger personal Executive Brand - A critical determinant of Executive Success
Exclusively Offline Network +  No Member data is shared with the Press or Sponsors or Other Members
Member Privacy Respected +
Real, deep relationship potential +
No Spam
Emphasis on building relationships the traditional way - Sincerely investing time & effort to nurture the same, in person, with mutual interest & consent.

Meaningful, Real Relationship building potential
2) What are the different Forums & their membership Eligibility Criteria ?▼
3) When & Where are Awesome Firms' events held ?▼
4) Where can I get a list of members and event attendees for Awesome Firms' Executive events ?▼
5) Is my membership / registration fees transferable / refundable, if I am unable to attend for any reason including Visa rejection ?▼
6) Does Awesome Firms provide any assistance in terms of Visa Processing or Hotel booking ?▼
7) I am eligible & interested in attending Awesome Firms' Executive events.How can I do this ?▼
8) Does Awesome Firms provide any ground transportation assistance from the airport ?▼
9) What is the dress code for the Executive Events  ?▼
10) Where is the conference check-in located on the day of the conference? ▼
11) Are there student discounts or opportunities to volunteer at Awesome Firms' Executive Events ?▼
12) I would like to suggest some speakers for Awesome Firms' Executive Events. How can I do this ?▼
13) If I join now, when will my membership start & end ?▼
14) I am a member of the press. How do I apply to cover an event ?▼
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