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Awesome Firms' CXO Forum is a Senior Management & Executive level offline network of select best in class CXOs & equivalent statured executives sifted & aggregated from the finest businesses, passionate about Innovation led Leadership.

Members meet for one/two days annually, in a country (India & Singapore for now) via focused premier Executive Events.

Awesome Firms welcomes the finest boundary pushers, excellence & innovation exemplars regardless of nationality or domicile status, open to attending our premier Executive events in India and/or Singapore.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

a) Country / Multi-Country / Regional / Global Divisional / Global / Group - CXOs, amongst the Top 100 in their Functions at a Country/Higher level.

b) High Potential (Hi-Po) Senior Management level leaders with a demonstrated track record of excellence, expected to transition to a CXO / equivalent General Management role, within the next three years.

c) Partner Members - Top Tier Consulting leaders (Senior Partner/Higher levels) & Specialist Service Providers interested in attending this forum may apply to be considered for a "Partner Member" membership tier.

Forum Focus

Strives to enable members evolve their function(s), organization(s) & themselves to the next level(s) by expertly addressing contemporary, critical business challenges forum members face in their Functions & Industries in the areas of Innovation, Strategy & Leadership.

Ecosystem & Network effects complemented by the collective intelligence & wisdom of a high quality, unique, pan-Asia executive network of the finest, aligned, ambitious minds passionate about innovation led leadership facilitate this.


The CXO Forum has three sub-forums ( Supply Chain Executive Forum, Financial Leaders Forum & HR Executive Forum ).

All CXO sub-forum members are members of the CXO Forum by default & hence are welcome to attend any CXO sub-forum event, with prior registration.

Functionally Aligned Forums (Industry Agnostic) - Supply Chain Executive Forum, Financial Leaders Forum & HR Executive Forum

Should you have any queries or need any clarifications, feel free to reach out to us

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